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Keratin Fusion 1001/Platinum Blonde

Sale price€38,50

The original Seiseta Keratin Fusion Extensions in color: Platinum Blonde.

At the top of each hair extension is a thin layer of keratin that fuses perfectly into your own hair, because keratin is a natural building block of the hair. Keratin hair extensions can be applied to the hair with a heat iron or with the Seiseta Hot Fusion.

Seiseta uses exclusive Remy quality hair. This quality means that all hair cuticles run in the same direction. As a result, the hair will knot less, it will feel soft and smooth and is therefore easy to brush.

Producers who work without the Remy quality use very strong acids to destroy the hair cuticle. As a result, the natural color, shine and structure of the hair is lost. Although the hair will still feel smooth, it will fluff and knot after a few washes.

length: 40/45, 50/55 and 60/65 cm
Contents: 25 pcs
Color: Platinum Blonde

Keratin Fusion 1001/Platinum Blonde
Keratin Fusion 1001/Platinum Blonde Sale price€38,50